Life Experience · Lindsay

What to measure the life?



The Transition Period

    It is normal that everyone who are going to graduate from university will feel confused about their future. Even though I know everything will go well rationally, I still fear of the uncertainty by emotional. 

    Being an exchange student in Belgium for 9 months, I really want to stay and work in this place. It could be difficult since I don’t speak the local language well. When I discuss my proposal to European friends, they usually support this and say that “You can do it, it is really great.” However, it is quite interesting when I tell this to my friend in Taiwan, they ask me why and say it is difficult. Due to the different atmosphere and vision that influence the thought of people. 

Rethink the Value

    There are people who are cautious and try to make one be same with them in my surrounding. Their concern could be logical, but should I hear to them that I am not good enough to chase what I want? 

    In my past, I try so hard to study and enter a top high school in my region that I ignore the life and I feel inferior. Due to the competitive environment in my high school, that the value of one base mainly on one’s grade, beauty, and group ability. It is my dark period since no matter how hard I tried that I can’t win the other classmates. I lose the value of myself in my dream school.

    However, there are different values to chase depend on what is your idea yourself. In high school, the whole circumstance makes one only have a value of grade, but it is not the truth of life.


    In my culture, students usually pursue 100/100 grade extremely which 80/100 is not good enough. I thought studying should be like that, I was a loser when I got 60/100 (merely pass the exam). Until I heard a contrary thinking way from a Belgium girl that “I only want to be hard-working enough to pass the exam, I don’t want to work more.” ME TOO. I don’t want to be always hard-working on run after ‘numbers’. Moreover, the time I spend on pushing grade from 80/100 to 100/100 is large enough to organize the other thing. 

    Even though the goal of entering top university is to obtain more opportunities, the reality is opposite in some cases. For instance, the higher degree people get, the less available for them to choose a low paying job. The reasons are not only the cost and expectancy but also and fear of failure. Base on this culture that people usually do something when there is a visible short-term benefit. 

    As my best gift to be far away from my home, I realize that I deserve to chase my desire. Don’t ask yourself by hundreds of negative questions, just do it. Now I only want to do what I ‘like’. I want to stay in Europe without reason (only because I like here) and I will try it. Just image and feel it, at the same time call the universe for it.


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