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What to see from an artwork?

IMG_1224.JPGWhen I started to visit the exhibitions, I didn’t know the exact meaning through the process. Yet the more museum I visit, the more insight I get. Therefore, here I am going to share some point I get until now.


It is interesting to watch the portrait and painting from different period, especially you could see the fashion trend and outlook style of that moment. Since people didn’t have camera and social media then, there are limited way to show them off, such as pay a artist to draw them with luxurious accessories and background, or a statue which written their victorious event.

Narrative Artwork

It seems that the first drawing came out on the store when the primitive want to record their story. It takes time to understand what is it talking about from an original article due to the simple symbol they use; To realize, you need some knowledge of their systems of value and beliefs. Thus, a work of art sometimes bring you a communication and imagination.

Moreover, sometimes you could tell the era when you see the expression technique. For instance, the paintings in Middle Age are more inflexible and severe, and paintings since the Renaissance are more realistic.

After the ultimate pursuit of reality, the artists try to express their own opinion from works. For example, the Impressionism, Surrealism, and so on. Even though these artwork are sometimes too abstract to understand, I usually appraise one from its structure balance, emotional expression, or containing ideas.


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